Kid Shapers offers seminars that are especially designed to train parents and educators as they shape children. They offer timeless strategies using principles that effectively apply to children of a wide age range. Many have testified to the success of these principles, even when working with children who challenge authority, deliberately disobey known rules, or do not respect the rights of others. Seminars include humor, memorable graphics, and group interaction. Useful as they are, Kid Shapers seminars are great fun!

Effective guidelines that are respectful, loving and firm go home with seminar attenders. Each seminar syllabus is a useful daily reference guide making it easy to implement principles and to adapt them to nearly every disciplinary situation,  Rather than bargaining, threatening, pleading and criticizing, adults in authority can maintain their dignity while guiding toward obedience.  Children respond well to limits maintained through logical and natural consequences rather than rewards and punishments.

What age range does the seminar address? Currently available materials address preschool and kindergarten aged children in the classroom setting. In the home, current applications target 2 years through 12 years. Kid Shapers Seminar TestimonialsMaterials under development will apply the principles for educators of older children.